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Welcome To The Asheville Recording Website, Western North Carolina

Soulbone at the Christmas Jam Welcome to the Asheville Recording web site, featuring information on recording, live entertainment and local music show schedules, information on area musicians and bands, tips for recording music, and much more.

Featuring new bands and recordings by local musicians every month, as well as live show schedules to find out where you can see your favorite local band play. As a service to new musicians in the area or touring musicians, there is also a directory for area clubs and music venues which includes locations and their contact information. The merchandise section will include compact discs for sale and merchandise from Asheville area bands. There is also a used music gear section for bands and musicians to list for sale or find used musical equipment and instruments in the Asheville, NC area.

About Asheville Recording Studios

Asheville Recording has 12 years experience in the field of audio engineering and music mixing. They are an Alesis Adat based recording studio that uses nothing but the best in outboard music recording gear. Asheville Recording uses top of the line analog and digital music gear including T.C. Electronics, T.L. Audio, Neve, Focusrite, Lexicon, Alesis, Dbx, Tascam, Digitech, Neumann, AKG, Cad and many others. They also have Mesa Boogie and vintage Marshall guitar amplification available for you to use, as well as the Line6 Pod Pro digital modeling amp and other direct recording options.

Asheville Recording Studios hopes that this site will become a useful tool for people looking for info about recording services, local entertainment, local music news, recording help, hints and more. Feel free to submit current music news or events for western North Carolina to be listed here.

Message From Dave Allen

This Month's Spotlight Artist

My name is Dave Allen and I'm the owner of Asheville Recording. Asheville Recording studios provides pro quality recording and mastering thats inexpensive enough for everyone. We take pride in everything we do and believe we offer the best service possible for anywhere near our prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us. Enjoy your visit here and keep supporting the Asheville and Western North Carolina music scene. Keep an eye on this section for a new featured artist or band from the Western North Carolina area every month. Every month we'll post a small article or review on a local band, a breakthrough album, a new area artist, or an outstanding music show you shouldn't miss. There are many excellent musicians in the Asheville area and we thought it would be nice to have a place here to showcase some of the area's best talent.
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